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Compare Top Prime Brokers in the UK

Use our comparison service to get the best access, rates, execution and service for your hedge fund from the largest and best prime brokers based in the UK

Here we highlight the major prime brokers in the UK for established hedge funds as well as prime brokers that accept smaller and start-up hedge funds.


What is the role of a prime broker?

The purpose of a prime broker is to act as the consolidated portfolio, risk and services account for a hedge fund.

Often hedge funds trade with many different brokers throughout the day who will then “give up” trades to the price broker where the bulk of a funds assets are held.

Whilst the prime broker may handle the majority of a hedge funds execution it is normal for funds to spread business across multiple brokerage accounts to ensure that trades are executed with discretion and finesse.

Prime brokers also offer access to their client pool for capital introduction to increase the net asset value of hedge funds. This is also common with competing brokers who will want to add value to win execution business to generate commission.

What services to Prime Brokers offer:

  • Online and voice trade execution
  • Clearing and give up services
  • Securities lending
  • Client services
  • Risk management and financing
  • Reporting and portfolio technology
  • Capital introduction
  • Hedge fund consulting services


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