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Spreadex are a nice old school spread betting broker located just outside London.  They tend to cater for more professional traders who value customer service above pricing.

As well as financial spread betting Spreadex also offer sport spread betting, fixed odds betting and binary betting.

So if you’re looking for a one stop shop to take care of your trading and gambling needs Spreadex may fit the bill.  They’ve been around since the 1990’s and have won a plethora of awards, most recently the Wealth and Financial International, Alternative Investment Awards 2016 (Best Spread Betting Provider – winner) and City of London Wealth Management Awards 2016 (Best Spread Betting Provider – winner).  Which is nice.

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You’ll also find some excellent spread betting welcome offers for new clients, like iPads, Sonos, 5% profit top ups and so on.  Check out their promotions on their website for more info.


Spreadex Summary

Do you know what I think of when I compare Spreadex to other spread betting brokers? It’s a 2007 Bentley.

Why? Well, Bentleys are a gentleman’s car.  Unlike IG and CMC Markets with their flash Ferrari’esque charting tools, sentiment indicators and razor like spreads. Spreadex, gently plods along in the delightful town of St Albans providing a discerning service to a loyal set of well heeled customers.

I’ve always liked Spreadex. From offering credit accounts to nice little gifts such as iPads and Sonos music systems if you put enough business through them they just seem a little more relaxed and personal than the bigger brokers.

Spreadex is still a private company, but do very well. Revenues have increased year on year and you hardly every hear any bad press about them.

You can trade the FOOTSIE (yes I know it’s FTSE)

One massive bonus is that Spreadex offer sports spread betting. This is basically spread betting on sports instead of financial markets and is by far one of the best (in my opinion) ways to gamble. It’s like trading during a horse race. And you win or lose relative amounts based on how right or wrong you are.

It’s a bit of a pain having multiple accounts for trading and gambling so the ability to have a flutter on the ponies in the same account is a bonus.. They also have a casino and fixed betting section.

I applaud them for absolutely having now qualms about the fact that spread betting is high risk gambling.

Market range is the best around.

OK, so the spreads are not quite as tight as they should be, the charting is rubbish and the platform doesn’t look like it’s had an upgrade in about a million years. But and this is a big butt (if you like them) their market range is superb. They take bets on some very small cap stocks and will try and accommodate most trading requests.  It’s all part of how they win business.  Provide superior service and clients will be loyal.  Plus, what difference does a trading platform make anyway. You make your decision to buy or sell elsewhere, they you buy and sell. Simplicity is best really.

Index spreads are competitive enough, and if you want to trade a smaller stock it’s really no more difficult for a broker to do this than to go into the market buy the stock and write a spread bet around it for you.

So why don’t other spread betting brokers offer this? Well probably there isn’t actually that much revenue to be made from it so they can’t be bothered.  Whereas Spreadex can, and that’s why I like them.

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