Momentum indicators and trends change

11th July 2018

Anyone who runs a marathon knows that momentum matters. It matters a lot because the sheer force of momentum can carry runners further than expected. Similarly, momentum in prices can stretch a stock beyond what […]


Using Moving Averages Effectively – Part 2

4th July 2018

Last week we introduced a popular indicator called the moving average (MA). This superb indicator is widely used by both amateur and professional alike. Simple to compute; easy to use. This week, we highlight two […]


Using Moving Averages Effectively – Part 1

27th June 2018

One observable market fact is that prices are pretty much random. Random in trends; random in changes. No surprise, then, a best-selling market book is called ‘A Random Walk Down Wall Street.’ Such randomness makes […]


How to use support and resistance levels in trading

20th June 2018

One enduring feature of market analysis is the imposition of lines on charts. Two popular ones are support and resistance trendlines. But how useful are these trendlines? Do they really improve our market analysis and […]


Will the Bank of England tighten?

18th June 2018

After last week’s Fed and ECB meetings, the focus this week will be on Bank of England’s stance. In particular, the market is looking for clues about BoE’s monetary policy going into the second half […]


DAX rallies on Euro weakness….

15th June 2018

While the ECB has promised to halt its bond-buying programme by the end of 2018, investors reckon it is still too accommodative. As a result, the Euro slumped. It crashed by more than 200bps against […]


What are investors expecting from the ECB?

14th June 2018

With the Fed meeting out of the way, investors are turning their attention to the ECB rate decision today. The primary thing investors are looking is the roadmap to ECB’s QE (quantitative easing) policy. Right […]


USD – Dollar strengthens ahead of FOMC meeting…

13th June 2018

Investors are betting on a stronger US dollar following Tuesday’s inflation figure. Specifically, US’s CPI rose to 2.8% in May compared to 2.4% in April. This raises expectations of more rate hikes in the futures. […]


S&P 500 – Bulls await Fed’s decision tomorrow….

12th June 2018

With the Trump-Kim summit now underway, investors are already looking elsewhere for market clues. The most important one is the Fed monetary decision tomorrow (Wednesday). Investors are generally anticipating a small hike of 25bps to […]

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