Opportunities And Risks In The Cannabis Sector

14th September 2018

Winds of Change Lifting the Sector Once in a while, a hot new sector bursts into life and captures investors’ imagination. Remember those internet stocks twenty years ago? Or those raging crypto-currencies a year ago, […]


How To Invest in Emerging Markets

6th September 2018

If you read financial news regularly, you will know that emerging markets are in a tight spot these days. From Argentina to Turkey to Indonesia, many emerging countries are under severe financial duress. Their currencies […]


The Key To Long-Term Investment Success – Know Yourself…

29th August 2018

Over the past few weeks we discussed market analysis techniques. In particular, we examined: Indicators (e.g. moving average, trendlines) Price Patterns (e.g. price breakout, trends) Market Analysis (e.g. breadth, relative strength) All this knowledge is […]


Thoughts on trading the market via Breadth

15th August 2018

A question for you: Do you analyse every market instrument every day? I suspect not. The volume of news these days is bigger than what our brains can handle efficiently. Not to mention the dynamic […]


The Importance of Group Analysis

1st August 2018

There is an old saying that ‘birds of the same feather flock together.’ In financial markets, this is particularly true. Behind this groupthink is pure human psychology. Investors think in concepts; they act in concert. […]


Q&A On Price Patterns With Jackson Wong PhD

25th July 2018

This week we discuss price patterns. Q: What are price patterns? Price patterns are recurring price behaviour that are observed visually (and can be modelled by computers). This key here is ‘recurring’. If a price […]

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