City Index launches Bitcoin trading on spread betting and CFDs from 50p a point.

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City Index, one of the leading spread betting and CFD brokers in the UK has launched Bitcoin trading with fixed spreads, low margins and competitive pricing. City Index also sources pricing from multiple Bitcoin exchanges to increase reliability.

City Index is the latest spread betting broker to offer spread betting on Bitcoin, giving speculators the added advantage of tax free profits when trading cryptocurrencies.

This adds City Index to the growing list of Bitcoin brokers, following on from established cryptocurrency broker such as LSE listed heavy weights IG and Plus 500 who have been providing digital currency trading for some time.

Although IG, has recently raised concerns about the risk of holding too much Bitcoin on it’s book. The Treasury, as reported in The Telegraph, is planning a crackdown on money laundering through Bitcoin which led to a short term correction in the price. However, that more relates to physical Bitcion and payments rather than speculating on the price of Bitcoin through a broker.

…the Treasury has now said it intends to begin regulating the virtual currency, which has a total value of £145 billion, to bring it in line with rules on anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financial legislation.

This is good news for traders and brokers as positions and exposure can be hedged with potentially greater protection once a currency is regualted.

No sign of City Index customers being able to trade other crytocurrencies like Ethereum, Ripple or NEM, for that you can see a list of FCA regulated Ethereum brokers here.

Current City Index Bitcoin market info is:

  • Spread From $50 (obviously this is subject to market conditions)
  • Margin Rates From 25% (relatively high, but Bitcoin is very volatile)
  • Overnight Financing 0.08219% per night (that’s about 30% if you hold the position for a year)
  • Hours 22:00 GMT Sunday – 22:00 GMT Friday

For more information on Bitcoin trading through City Index, read our City Index review.

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