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    The full question here was: I want to start trading and need a good stock broker that will make me money to have returns without losing…

    GBG: It’s important to answer this question frankly. There is no such thing.

    No broker can guarantee that you will not lose money. All types of investing no matter how safe has risk attached.

    Also, most decent execution only stock brokers do not and should not provide investment advice as there is always a conflict of interests between brokers wanting their clients to trade to generate commission.

    However, they can provide guidance on strategy and highlight market moves. There is a fine line between giving direct advice, implied advice and market commentary.

    If you are buying individual stocks then you have to be responsible for the risks and rewards.

    But, if you want someone to manage your money you need a fund manager, not a broker.

    There are two excellent websites for comparing fund managers and funds. Morningstar and trustnet

    As with individual asset classes as fund managers past performance is no reflection on future returns. So picking a good fund manager is actually just as hard as picking individual stocks…

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