GBP – Under pressure on poor macro data….

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All eyes are on the Trump-Kim summit in Singapore this week.

This is the first head-of-state meeting between US and North Korea. Whether this meeting will bring about a long-lasting peace in the Korean peninsular is unclear now. But all signals so far are pointing towards a thaw in the relationship.

On the day-to-day market movement, Sterling is suffering from increasing selling pressure this morning on poor macro data. The ONS Construction Output data, for example, is slowing down markedly. This suggests a deteriorating property construction sector due to a slowing residential market and Carillon’s impact. Note, too, the ongoing restructuring of a large number of retail units (e.g. House of Fraser). Traders are probably anticipating a further decline in the property/construction sector.

Against the US Dollar, GBPUSD dropped beneath 1.3400 at the time of writing. Against the Euro, the rate looks like it is about to drop out of a prolonged range. Prices encountered resistance at 1.140 to drop below 1.135 this morning. If the 1.130 support gives way, we anticipate a further drop into 1.115 pivot low.

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