Thinking of getting started in financial spread betting? Learn about the risks and rewards and read our ultimate guide…

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Maybe you’ve been dreaming of starting trading. Or maybe you’re already a trader but want to gain wider access to the markets.

Whether you’re a complete newcomer to trading, or whether you’re an experienced professional, anybody can benefit from all of the advantages offered by spread betting as long as they put in the dedication, hard work and time. The good news is that you are already reading this, so you’re ready to make the commitment.

In this useful guide (where you can also compare the best spread betting brokers), you will find out all about the spread betting basics. We will explain the way in which it works and some of the terms you’ll come across. You will also find out more about the type of securities which can be traded and the extra costs you should be aware of and especially the risks of trading.

Spread betting is the name given to a kind of trading which enables investors to speculate without having to own the assets. While, conventionally, a trader can profit only if the market increases in value, spread betting can turn the idea upside down: Depending on the way in which you position a trade, it is possible to profit from either an increase or a decrease in the market.

Read our ultimate guide to spread betting, it covers:

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